There is nothing I love more than doing something that scares me just enough to push me on to the next challenge. Years ago, I would have laughed if you said I’d be the first one out of a tiny plane 15,000ft above the ocean, or hovering in a box with a live flame above my head being carried by a balloon along the coast OR even got in a helicopter. But I’m here to tell you that all that & more is possible if you just give in to your fears. On the other side of fear is something money cannot buy & that is experience & memories that will last a lifetime. Go on, make yourself proud! 

Here’s a growing list of my favorite adventure activities in & around Byron Bay!

  1. Get in zee chopper! 


The East Coast of Australia is world renowned for its spectacular coastline. Australian’s are among the luckiest humans on the planet & its beauty should be enjoyed by all! Head up into the clouds & experiences a helicopter ride with Air T & G  & you will be rewarded with these views… 


I know you’re thinking ‘whats that large grey mass hovering dangerously close to the shore?!’. Well don’t fear, its just a pod of dolphins dancing with local surfers! This is a standard day in the office in beautiful Byron Bay!

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