This is a dedication to all the unique & beautiful places that extend from the beaches & Hinterland of Byron Bay. 

Moreton Island

Travel a few hours North & you’ll reach the Port of Brisbane  where you can hop on a barge & be riding windows down on the bay of Moreton Island in under 2 hours.

I didn’t grow up camping every weekend, but I’m glad for my new found desire to wake with the birds, sit around camp fires until all hours & surf a rolling break right outside my tent. Moreton Island is definitely the place for this!

  1. Get to North Point with as much speed as possible. This is the place to camp. Picturesque beach camping under a mixture of gum & palm trees
  2. Surf North Point & play in champagne pools. Similar to Wategos & The Pass in Byron Bay, the waves rap around Cape Moreton so its perfect for a long board
  3. Hike Mt Tempest. This is a 19km return trip, but you a rewarded with spectacular 360 views & on a clear day you can see across to the Glass House Mountains of Brisbane’s mainland
  4. Beach fires are allowed. This has to be my favorite part of camping, so don’t forget to bring wood, you’ll definitely have a #fromwhereyoudratherbemoment
  5. Dip in Blue Lagoon on a windy day. It’s inland & sheltered by the Southerly’s that often hit Moreton
  6. Take the road less traveled! Just go go go.. don’t take a map. Just enjoy the thrill of not knowing where you’re going & I’m sure you’ll find your own slice of paradise

Go get salty,




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