Western Australia is an adventure of epic proportions. The land is mostly untouched up North so you can expect emus to run the road, perfect waves & turquoise seas. Down South you can cruise the rustic coast of the Margret River & spend your days exploring the vineyards, hidden surf breaks & general laid back surf culture of this part of the world.

Margaret River

Fly into Perth, grab a car & start your adventure South. Its about 3 hours to the Margaret River, mostly highway driving. Once you are close, you can hook inland & take the coast road, where you really start to take in just how spectacularly blue the ocean is.

If you are a surfer, you are in for a treat. The Margaret River is Known internationally as one of the best big-wave surfing locations on Earth for consistently spectacular breaks. There are 40 or more reef breaks, so both groms & pros are catered for. You can check out all the breaks here.

Stay: I would recommend staying in Dunsborough for few nights so you can get the most out of this part of the trip. This gorgeous town is central to all the hot spots, including Sugarloaf Rock, Eagle Bay & the vineyards.


Australia’s Coral Coast

IF YOU ARE READING THIS & BOOKING A TRIP TO WA. I AM SO JEALOUS. You are going to be blown away by what you see. You will have moments of insanity where you just want to see another human being, enjoy a warm shower or access simple luxuries, but do not be fooled, this is going to be one of the best experiences of your life.

Hire a van or car & let go of all inhibitions, run free & camp your life away up the stunning Indian Ocean Drive.


The Pinnacles

So you are going to want to stop & see The Pinnacles, a seriously impressive sight. Arrive about an hour before sunset so you can walk around before dark. The sunsets from here are insane & you’ll be among limestone formations more than 30,000 years old.

Stay: Town of Cervantes


Pink Lake

ppink lake 2.jpg

Have your mind blown & break up the trip to Kalbarri National Park by stopping in at Pink Lake. Salt has turned the water a fairy floss hue & you won’t believe it!

pink lake

Kalbarri National Park

Red-dirt cliffs meet turquoise seas in this adventurers paradise. You could spend an entire day looking at the incredible vista, but make sure you make time for quad biking the dunes. You can access some of the most remote areas of beach this way & you won’t believe your eyes.

Stay: Wagoe Beach, Kalbarri


Coral Bay & Ningaloo Reef

OK. THIS IS IT. This is why you are doing this. You could be in coastal Spain, Belize or maybe even the Maldives with this shade of blue.

Priority one is finding a camp ground, because this tiny dot of a town is overrun by people wanting to access one of the most pristine reefs in the world, Ningaloo Reef!

Priority two is getting in the water as fast as humanly possible to actually see Ningaloo Reef. The difference between the Great Barrier Reef & Ningaloo Reef is quite simply distance, you can be snorkelling Ningaloo Reef within seconds of entering the water. The quality, colour & sea life is the same, perhaps better.

Whale sharks pass by here between March & September, don’t miss this. Book here.

Stay: There are only 2 spots to camp here. Either will be great, but ‘Peoples Park’ does have sites with ocean views!



On the way to Exmouth stop at the Tropic of Capricorn (one of the five major circles of latitude on a map of the Earth), before continuing the long drive to the bustling town of Exmouth (& by busting I mean emus are literally running the roads, stealing your food & heart).

I recommend stocking up & getting to Cape Range National Park as a matter of urgency; you are about to be #mindblown! Note that this area is virtually uninhabited – you need to pack everything in, including water which is incredibly scarce in these parts.

Make Turquoise Bay your first stop. No irony here I assure you. known as one of the top 20 beaches in the world, you will not want to leave. You can be snorkelling Ningaloo Reef in a matter of minutes & you will literally feel like you are stranded on a deserted island. Stay for at least a few nights, camping under the stars, comparing who saw the most turtles that day.

Stay: Camping only. Everywhere is good!

exmouth1.jpgturquoise bay.jpg

Shark Bay & Monkey Mia are a little further off the map (approx 2 hours drive off the highway), but its worth a visit if you are keen to hand feed wild dolphins & swim in a few more crystal clear lagoons before heading back to Perth.

Stay: Either Monkey Mia (hotel only) or town of Shark Bay (lots of camping options)

shark bay2.jpg

Rottnest Island


From Perth you are only a short 40 minute ferry ride away from this come for a day stay for a month island paradise.

Rottnest is home to the famous ‘quokka’, its stunning emerald green lagoons & its car-free-bike-only, laid back vibe. There are pubs, cafes & restaurants to keep your energy levels up – trust me you’ll need it if you are pedalling your way around the island. I do recommend you do this, it could be the most beautiful 4 hours ever spent on a push bike. Take lost of water & snacks so you can explore all day!

Stay: The island has plenty of options! OR just day trip from Perth


Much love, Sarah XX

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